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A Musician's Journey Through NYC

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If you’re walking around NYC you notice all types of people. The streets are filled with artists, business professionals, and celebrities alike. There’s arguably too much to see all at once, but if you look closer you might also see Peyton, a singer/songwriter based in the east side of the city. Being an artist that creates original content she often has to respond to questions like, “How do you find the courage to do something like this?” or “What if you don’t become a famous star?”.
We caught up with the songwriter and pianist to discuss her longtime journey through NYC’s music scene. Check out her experience in her own words.

How do you keep motivated in a competitive industry like music?

“I can remember being told early on that if something is for you then that’s what you should be doing. I’ve always believed that I would find where I was really meant to be. I’m not originally from the city. Being from Texas, I was always used to having my family and community around to support me. It’s very different when you have to make things happen completely on your own but I’ve never backed down from a challenge. 

Singing and writing have always been a huge part of my life so there was nothing else I could ever really ever see myself doing. For me, music is a part of everything I do. The right song, at the right time. It’s a perfect moment only the listener gets to have, especially in New York. It really does have a way of speaking to you and introducing you to new things. It’s inspiring in that way. “

What role does technology play in your career?

"In music, you have to constantly be aware of the changes and trends happening around you so updated technology is definitely key. I’m an audiophile and things need to sound perfect, so I love my E50 Earbuds. It gets me through my days and helps me stay on top of work. Knowing that Raycon is based here and is founded by someone who is an artist as well really makes me feel connected to my technology. They make high-quality earbuds that I seriously can’t live without and they’re affordable which is great for me. After recording, I always wonder if people will hear my real voice. With Raycon’s earbuds, I know they will."


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