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Have a cleaner commute with Raycon's electric bikes

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Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes with Raycon's line as a perfect example. We took a look at the company's bikes, including the newly announced Mega Bike on the left.
The Mega Bike looks like a small motorcycle. The company intends to sell them at $5,000 a pop. With speeds up to 70 mph you could totally rock this on the highway.
It's a realistic commuting option, just as long as you don't need to drive more than 30 or 40 miles per day.
The plug under this locking panel lets you charge up with electricity from a standard wall AC outlet.  
It takes six to eight hours to fully charge the battery. 
You could reduce your carbon footprint (and cost of living) significantly by switching to an electric bike like this for commuting.
Raycon also just announced the Hyper Flight Electric Scooter, which folds down and weighs 16.35kg and can travel up to 25 mph. It fully charges in five hours.
Raycon is known for its Scoot-E, shown here in a few different colors.
This little guy can go up to 30 miles on a charge.
It's got a handy little screen with your speed and battery information.
It also sports a nice headlight for traveling in darker situations.
You can fold it up when you get where you're going.
You can easily stow it in the trunk of your car if you want to take it on a vacation.
At about 50 pounds, though, you wouldn't want to carry this up any stairs or over great distances.  

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