Ray J’s Raycon Lifestyle CE Brand, Up Close

Ray J’s Raycon Lifestyle CE Brand, Up Close

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In a consumer electronics marketplace crowded with brands, hip-hop singer and technology marketing entrepreneur Ray J already has a head start – leveraging his fame and a series of ringing endorsements from fellow high-profile music industry celebrities like P. Diddy and Justin Bieber along with his sense of style and belief in quality of manufacture to position the electronics brand of which he is co-founder, Raycon, for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

After a run at the market in 2016, when he launched several retail stores to showcase his first Scoot-E Electric Bike and then stepped back from that extension, he saw the merit last year in forging strategic partnerships, pairing up in 2017 with Cowboy Electronics and refining, with the CE distributor’s collaboration, his market approach.

The Raycon line now features several “green” electric scooters and bikes, and has taken off to include drones, smartwatches, hoverboards, and all manner of audio products including wireless Bluetooth headphones, sound bars, speakers and mics.

“Cowboy helped build out our infrastructure,” he said. “They had the foundation we needed so that I could focus on marketing.” Hence, his title: Chief Strategy Officer.

Ray J shows off a Raycon electric bike

The brand made a big impression at CES 2018, and is moving through the year looking to expand its appeal and retail presence with lines that, according to company literature, follows a three-pronged mantra throughout: quality, portability and convenience.

The lineup is peppered with proprietary designs, and despite the diversity of the product categories, they are all complementary in that they are lifestyle-oriented. The product range is also partly the result of research about what the upscale tastemakers in the market are after – and they carry the mark of Ray J’s “passion for technology,” said Ray Lee, CEO of Raycon and also director of operations at Cowboy.

“The main target for our products is urban city-dwellers into technology and who are looking for an aspirational brand,” explained Lee. A particular demographic age group whose aspirations are being addressed with these initial lines is the 24-to-30-year-old with an appreciation for quality as well as highly stylized design elements. As an example, Lee said that the H70 wireless headphones, at $150, carry a host of features, such as 10-hour playtime with Bluetooth and noise cancellation on – but they are around half the price of one of the best-selling headphones on the market.

Raycon is riding this wave of multiple categories for the present, but might have some surprises to unveil at CES 2019, where it plans to expand its show presence and make an even bigger splash. “We are very strong on retail partner support,” said Lee. The line is currently sold on Amazon and on the Raycon web site. The electric bike was also recently on display in Nieman Marcus’s Beverly Hills store window.

Social media also plays into the marketing plan in a big way for Raycon to tell its story – which, said Lee, is of “how all the products work together and connect for the fast-paced life.”

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