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Weekly Artist Rundown

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The Weekly Artist Rundown is a hand-picked list of fresh tracks inspired by Raycon's favored tastemakers, professional musicians, and athletes. Take your True Wireless listening experience to the next level with brand new music designed to power your goals. Check out the brand new single from Shawn Mendes, collaborations from Eminem via Logic's new album and long-time pop icon Madonna.


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The 20-year-old pop-star is as busy as ever, releasing a brand new single just before his North American Tour. Titled the modern master of one-off singles, Mendes has proven that he is king of catchy summer pop songs. Listen to his brand new song "If I Can't Have You" now.


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Proving that his lyrical skills are still as sharp as ever Eminem continues to display unmatched talent as an MC. The Detriot native is still widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers ever. Hear the award-winning artist in his latest collaboration with fellow rapper "Homicide" from Logic's new album "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind".

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Madonna is back with a brand new single called "Crave", featuring artist Swae Lee, leading up to her new upcoming album "Madame X". The song features warm melodic sounds that were made for both summer nights and the new E100 Eardrums! Listen to the song in the link below!

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