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Weekly Artist Rundown

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The Weekly Artist Rundown is a hand-picked list of fresh tracks inspired by Raycon's favored tastemakers, professional musicians, and athletes. Take your True Wireless listening experience to the next level with brand new music designed to power your goals. Check out the brand new cover from Land Del Rey, and new collaborations from the late Avicii and Nipsey Hussle. 


Monthly Listeners on Spotify: 34,936,086

Released almost a year after the artist's tragic untimely passing, SOS is the first song to be put out from Avicii's apparent upcoming album. Featuring the signature styles and mixing that fans have come to know and love with fresh vocals from "Wake Me Up's" Aloe Blacc. Hear the latest collaboration in True Wireless sound now. 

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Monthly Listeners on Spotify: 7,194,702

Rising from the underground scenes of Los Angeles, Nipsey Hussle garnered respect and love from his community for his contributions. Earning Grammy nominations for his unique style of rapping, his rise was sadly cut short in March 2019. His essence and memory are perfectly captured in the new song, "Higher" with DJ Khaled and John Legend. 

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Monthly Listeners on Spotify: 11,548,624

Her melancholy style and rhythmic vocals have earned her acclaim in the world of noir-pop and have topped the charts with remix's like "Summertime Sadness". Take your E100 Eardrums and get summer-ready with her latest cover of Sublime's beachside 1996 song in "Doin' Time".

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