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How to set Intelligent Alarm

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How to set theft alarm

Park the e-bike and press the key rock, It will beep once, the theft mode is on. Once the e-bike is moved or touched by anybody, It will alarm continuously, for around 15 seconds.

How to exit the alarming mode

Press Unlock button to exit the alarming mode. While if the e-bike is on, press Unlock button, It will be turned off.

How to use the remote control to start your e-bike?

Press button Light twice, the bike is unlocked when the instrument is on.

How to locate the bike

Press Alarm button, the e-bike will alarm for 5 times, so that you can find your e-bike according to the sound. Also, you can press any key to exit the mode.

Anti-Rob function

If the e-bike is robbed while driving, you can long press unlock button to power-off the e-bike. Please notice that the valid range of the remote is 10m. And you can press a Light button to restart the e-bike.

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