Raycon S50 True Wireless Speakers - T4

5 Reasons Why These Are The BEST Travel Speakers

1. Small & Compact - Easy storage in luggage or carry on!

2. Water & Dust Resistant - IPX4 Graded water resistance.

3. Easy Pairing - Let any travel buddy be the DJ! Pairs with iPhone, Samsung, and more.  

4. Magnetic Base - Attach the speakers to any metal you encounter in your travels. 

5. Amazing Sound - Bass and quality for any and every environment. 

Ditch Legacy Electronics

When designing our speakers, we thought of you: a go getter who wants to live every day to the fullest. That's why we made these speakers ideal for any activity - including traveling.

There’s something special about grabbing your speakers and playing music the next second. No wires, no knots, just hands-free playback. Anytime, any place. 

You either save some cash and buy poorly constructed low-quality speakers that are hard to use but affordable, or highly-quality, great sounding beautiful speakers that cost $300. Well, those options suck. So we did something about it.

The 3 Essential Components


Tuned to deliver great audio across all genres, the S50 makes sure you enjoy your music wherever you goals take you.


• Magnetic base lets you attach to any metal surface
• Excellent battery life offers 8 hours of playback time


Optimized for excellent audio fidelity, our subwoofers ensure powerful and evenly balanced sound in a portable package.


• Features industry leading polypropylene cones
• Sensitivity and frequency responses optimized


Unlike the competition, we feature a durable case to protect your speakers and conveniently carry them around.


• Designed to provide protection without compromising design aesthetics
• Made of soft materials to safely enclose speakers from external factors

What Makes Great Travel Speakers?

Great travel speakers should sound amazing and be ready to go when you are. Simple, right? But behind these simple concepts are years of technology, design, and craft.

The Bluetooth audio experience is split into two major points: Using elegantly simple designed tech, and spending the best value for your dollar. We opted to cherry pick the best from each to create the ultimate hybrid. The end result? An audio experience that’s perfect for your daily tasks or unforgettable trips.

The Perfect Blend of Design

Curious to see how we compare to the "Premium" brands?

Absolutely Essential

After a short time of owning the Raycon speakers, you'll start to wonder how you ever lived without them. 

We spent two years developing the S50 Speakers because every little detail matters. And partly because we're a bit insane. We painstakingly went through 37 different prototypes until we knew we had the perfect speakers.

The final result? Travel speakers that are easy to use, good quality, water & dust resistant, and that have a battery that stays charged longer. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Product Features


Raycon speakers are designed by professional stylists and engineers, offering a great balance of sharp sound retention, durability, and style with a design 15% smaller than other “premium” devices.


Our speakers come with a convenient charging cable to fully charge your speakers (but you won't need to do that very often...)


We know that you want a speaker that can travel efficiently as much as you can. Enjoy our excellent battery life that offers 8 hours of playback time per charge.

We Could Charge a Lot, But We Don't

Comparable speakers start at $300.  That's insane. They are jacking up the price because they can. We'd prefer to keep our prices low.

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No Risk, All Reward.

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If anything happens to your speakers, we'll replace them.


Try it out. Listen to all the music you can. If you're still not happy, just send it back.

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