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Why Are Premium Earbuds So Expensive?

Ray J, the American entertainer and musician, has always been a pioneer in anticipating the next big trends. He found it difficult not to get caught up in the following of new gadgets and devices. As a new business owner, he quickly realized how much great quality components mean in product development.

“We got tired of seeing outdated electronics and high markups. We jump at the opportunity to create electronics that everyone find useful. We utilized all the latest technology in Raycon to help you get to wherever you’re going and conquer whatever you seek to achieve.”

The idea for Raycon started when his friends started to borrow the limited edition tech he bought. His friends grew to love the tech as well (who wouldn’t!?), and kept asking for more. Consequently, Ray J decided to start a brand to share great quality tech with the world.

The 3 Essential Components

The Perfect Blend of Design

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