Magic Glow Cable – Raycon
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Magic Glow Cable
Magic Glow Cable
Magic Glow Cable
Magic Glow Cable
Magic Glow Cable
Magic Glow Cable

Magic Glow Cable

Experience the magic of our Magic Glow Cable! With 100 W of power and 480 Mbps data transfer, you can quickly charge and transfer data. The Type-C to Type-C design makes it versatile and compatible with a variety of devices. Its 7 gradual changing colors add a touch of fun to your charging routine. With a 5 ft length and braided copper cable, it's durable and stylish. Let it light up your life!

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Braided-copper cord


High-Speed Charging

100W Power Delivery


Multi-Colored LED

7 RGB colors

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Multi-Colored LED

Light Up Your World

Whether it’s a nightlight or a colorful accessory to your lifestyle, the Magic Glow cable brightens your space as your devices fuel up!

High-Speed Charging & Data Transfer 

Faster Than Fast

At 100W power delivery, this cable can charge your Macbook, Tablet, and Phone in minutes without overheating your device.

Braided-Copper Cord

Super Strength Within

Zinc alloy housing allows the cord to withstand over 30,00-bends and twist without fraying or decrease in power delivery.

5 Feet Long

Your New Travel Buddy

We designed the charging cable to a perfect length so that it’s long enough when chilling on the couch but short enough to store in your carry-on.

100W Power Adapter

Instant Power Up 

Pair the Magic Glow Cable with the Raycon 100W Power Adapter to get the most out of your charging experience.CTA: Shop Now


What makes the Magic Glow Cable so durable?

The Magic Glow Cable is constructed with a braided copper design and zinc alloy housing, ensuring ultra-durability. This robust construction protects against wear and tear, making it more resilient than standard cables.

How fast is the charging and data transfer speed with the Magic Glow Cable?

The Magic Glow Cable supports 100W power delivery, which enables ultra-fast charging. It also allows high-speed 480Mbps data transfer, ensuring your devices are charged quickly and data is transferred efficiently.

What type of devices is the Magic Glow Cable compatible with?

This cable is a Type-C to Type-C cable, making it compatible with a wide range of modern devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets that use USB-C ports.

How does the braided design benefit the Magic Glow Cable?

The braided design not only enhances the cable’s durability by preventing tangling and fraying but also gives it a stylish look that complements your devices.

Does the Magic Glow Cable come with a warranty?

Yes, one year warranty from date of purchase.


Magic Glow Cable 

Charging Wattage Maximum: 100W

Data Transfer: 480 Mbps

Length: 1.5 Meter/5 Ft

Material: Braided copper cable with Zinc alloy housing

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