Raycon True Wireless Earbuds - T5

Why Are Premium Earbuds So Expensive?

 Ray J, the American entertainer, and musician, has always been a pioneer in anticipating the next big trends. He found it difficult not to get caught up in the following of new gadgets and devices. As a new business owner, he quickly realized how much great quality components mean in product development.

“We got tired of seeing outdated electronics and high markups. We jump at the opportunity to create electronics that everyone finds useful. We utilized all the latest technology in Raycon to help you get to wherever you’re going and conquer whatever you seek to achieve.”

The idea for Raycon started when his friends started to borrow the limited edition tech he bought. His friends grew to love the tech as well (who wouldn’t!?), and kept asking for more. Consequently, Ray J decided to start a brand to share great quality tech with the world.

So Raycon was born. With a mission and passion to create premium everyday electronics for honest and affordable prices.

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The 3 Essential Components

Amazing Sound Quality

Tuned to deliver great audio across all genres, the E55 earbuds let you
enjoy your music - no wires required.


• Built in microphone for making phone calls

• Bluetooth connectivity to any bluetooth devices

Charging Capsule

Fully charge your earbuds 3 times on the go with a convenient
and well-designed charging capsule.


• 36 hour battery life
• Small and compact enough to bring with you anywhere

A Perfect Size for Every Ear

Every ear is different (obviously) so we decided to make earbuds
designed to fit any ear size.


• The earbuds come with 6 differently sized gel tips
• Overall shape is made for in-ear comfort

What Makes a Great Earbud?

A great pair should fit well, sound great, and be ready to go when you are. Simple, right? But behind these simple concepts are years of technology, design, and craft.

The Bluetooth audio experience is split into two major points: Using elegantly simple designed tech, and spending the best value for your dollar. We opted to cherry pick the best from each to create the ultimate hybrid. The end result? An audio experience that’s perfect for your daily tasks and your bank account.  

The Perfect Blend of Design

Curious to see how we compare to the "Premium" brands?

Handcrafted Down to the Smallest Detail

Handcrafted Down to the Smallest Detail

We spent two years developing the E55 earbuds because
every little detail matters. And partly because we’re a bit insane.
The final result? A crisp sounding earbud that’s a pleasure to wear,
easy to use, loud enough to drown out your neighbor’s
lawnmower, and a battery that stays charged longer.
We hope you love it as much as we do.

Product Features


Raycon earbuds are designed by professional stylist and engineers, offering a great balance of sharp sound retention, durability, and style with a design 15% smaller than other “premium” devices.


Our earbuds come with a convenient charging capsule to fully charge your earbuds up to three times on the go.


Enjoy our excellent battery life that offers 6 hours of playback time per charge and 2,000 hours of standby time.

We Could Charge a Lot, But We Don't

Comparable earbuds start at $300. That's insane. They are jacking up the price because they can. We'd prefer to keep our prices low.

No Risk, All Reward.

We're confident these are the best earbuds you'll ever own for a price that'll make you feel savvy as hell. But we understand you may be skeptical. So give it a try. Worry-free.


If anything happens to your earbuds, we'll replace it.


Try it out. Listen to all the music you can. If you're still not happy, just send it back.

People can’t keep their hands off our earbuds. Reserve yours.

Take 15% OFF if you order today. 

Use Discount Code: RFB15