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The Everyday Speaker

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Getting Started



Getting Started

Pairing Your Speaker

Take big sound wherever you roam with the Everyday Speaker! We’ve packed tons of features into this stylish, compact speaker. Take calls, enjoy music with 3 different Sound Profiles, or pair two together for stereo on the go. To get started, pair it with your favorite device using the steps below!




Multi-link mode allows you to pair two Everyday Speakers together for an enhanced stereo experience without the wires. With a click of a button, you can double your sound and double your fun. For step-by-step instructions see the manual here.


Charging Your Speaker

Using Your Speaker

Your Speaker Functions

Switching Between Sound Profiles




General Troubleshooting



Pairing and Multi-link

If you experience issues connecting two Everyday Speakers with multi-link, make sure both speakers are fully charged before attempting to troubleshoot! Once they are charged, follow the steps below to correct the problem:

  • Disconnect and forget all "Raycon S50" names from Bluetooth settings on your devices. Then turn Bluetooth off on your device. 
  • Turn on both speakers. Push the LED key down for 30 seconds, then let the buttons go. The speakers should say "Connected". Note: The LED Key is not the same as the Power button.
  • Turn the Bluetooth on. Look for "Raycon S50" and connect. You should now be able to enjoy your speakers!

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