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The Fitness Earbuds Help Guide


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Getting Started


Getting Started

Finding Your Perfect Fit


Changing Gel Tips


The Fitness Earbuds come with 4 additional gel tips, providing you with 5 different fit options so you can customize the fit for your ear. Finding the perfect fit will not only increase stability during a variety of everyday activities but also allow you to get better sound from your earbuds. With a snug, comfortable fit, you’ll be able to experience some noise isolation that greatly improves your listening experience.




Applying Fitness Stabilizers


In addition to the gel tips, our Fitness Earbuds also come with 3 extra stabilizers, providing you with 4 different sizes for you to find the optimal fit for your ear.





Wearing Your Earbuds




Pairing Your Earbuds



Your earbuds can only connect to one device at a time. For the best experience, we suggest making sure your Raycons are fully charged! They should come partially charged, but it's always good to make sure you have them fully powered so you can enjoy the full battery life your earbuds have to offer. You can see how to charge your earbuds in the section below.


Charging Your Earbuds



Charging the Capsule


Using Your Earbuds



Your Earbud Functions


Switching Between Sound Profiles




Switching on Awareness Mode






Resetting your earbuds

Charging and Battery Issues


Earbuds will not charge


When an earbud is placed into the charging case, and the case is closed, there should be light indicators on the front of the case to show that the LEFT and RIGHT earbuds are charging.  Check that both lights turn on.

Make sure that earbuds are securely seated in the case. Sometimes this might require flicking the capsule to make sure the earbuds fall in place.

Make sure that earbud metal contacts are clean and there is no debris blocking the earbuds from making contact with the case.

Your earbuds will not charge if the capsule is open. Make sure the case is securely closed. This may require you to slightly shift the case to ensure closure. 


Capsule will not charge


When the charging cable is plugged into a power source and connected to the charging case, there should be light indicators on the front of the case to show that the charging case is getting power.  

If you are using a wireless charging pad, check if the case will charge using a cable. 

If you are using a cable to charge your capsule, it’s possible the charging issue is due to a faulty cable. Try charging with a different cable. You can also try charging the capsule with a wireless charging pad. 




Pairing Issues


The Fitness Earbuds can only be paired to one device at a time, so make sure your earbuds are not connected to another device when attempting to pair. 

It is possible that even once you’ve disconnected the earbuds, they can still automatically connect to previously paired devices. To ensure a single connection, it is best to turn off Bluetooth on your other devices, or delete The Fitness Earbuds from your device’s Bluetooth settings.

After you’ve disconnected your earbuds from other connected devices, unpair and delete the earbuds from the Bluetooth settings of the device you are trying to connect to. Then reset your earbuds.

Make sure your earbuds are fully charged, using the tips from the charging section above. 



Sound Imbalance


Make sure your earbuds are fully charged, using the tips from the charging section above. 

It is also important to make sure that your earbuds are clean, and that the gel tips and speaker mesh are clear of debris.

Once your earbuds are charged and cleaned, unpair them from your device and delete them from the Bluetooth settings. Then, reset your earbuds.

Once your earbuds have been reset, re-pair your earbuds and check for equal volume audio from LEFT and RIGHT earbuds. 

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