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The Fitness Speaker

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Getting Started



Getting Started

Pairing Your Speaker

The Fitness Speaker allows you to enjoy clear, smooth sound for any type of workout, at any volume, anywhere, rain or shine.

Multi-link mode allows you to pair two Fitness Speakers together for an enhanced stereo experience without the wires. With a click of a button, you can double your sound and double your fun.



Charging Your Speaker


Using Your Speaker

Your Speaker Functions


Sound Profiles

Strap Installation


    Pairing and Multi-link

    If you experience issues connecting two Fitness Speakers with multi-link, make sure both speakers are fully charged before attempting to troubleshoot! Once they are charged, follow the steps below to correct the problem:

    • Disconnect and forget all "Raycon S40" names from Bluetooth settings on your devices. Then turn Bluetooth off on your device. 
    • Turn on both speakers. Push the LED key down for 30 seconds, then let the buttons go. The speakers should say "Connected". Note: The LED Key is not the same as the Power button.
    • Turn the Bluetooth on. Look for "Raycon S40" and connect. You should now be able to enjoy your speakers!

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