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6.6 ft
6.6 ft
6.6 ft
6.6 ft
6.6 ft
6.6 ft
6 in
6 in
Magic Flex Cable
Magic Flex Cable

Magic Flex Cable

There's one cable to rule them all. Introducing the Flex Cable, which supports charging any of your devices by supporting 6 total different connections through 2 inputs and 3 outputs. It's also capable of ultra fast charge speeds up to 100W and Apple's fast charging up to 27W.


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6-in-1 Charging

Wide Compatibility 

Declutter your bookbag, purse, and desk drawer with one cable to rule them all. 

100W Power Delivery

High-Speed Charging

With the right wall adapter, charge your devices in minutes so you can get back to adventure faster.

Magnetic Endpoints

Easy Storage

Each endpoint contains magnetics to snap and lock in place so they’re easy to carry with you on-the-go.

Data Transfer

Double The Power

Lastly, we empowered these cables with some of the fastest data transfer capacities on the market.


What devices can I charge with the Magic Flex Cable?

The Magic Flex Cable is designed with a 6-in-1 charging combination, making it perfect for every device on the market. Whether you have smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other gadgets, this cable can handle them all.

Why should I choose the Magic Flex Cable over other charging cables?

The Magic Flex Cable offers unparalleled versatility with its 6-in-1 charging combination, 100W fast charging, and 480Mbps data transfer speeds. Its unique features such as magnetic endpoints and locking mechanisms for easy storage, along with its durability and dual length options, make it an exceptional choice for all your charging needs.

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