Memory Foam Ear Tips for Earbuds – Raycon
Memory Foam Ear Tips for Earbuds
Memory Foam Ear Tips for Earbuds
Memory Foam Ear Tips for Earbuds
Memory Foam Ear Tips for Earbuds
Memory Foam Ear Tips for Earbuds
Memory Foam Ear Tips for Earbuds

Memory Foam Ear Tips for Earbuds

 Elevate your audio quality and enhance your listening experience.

Set comes with Small, Medium, and Large sizes which fit the products below:

  • Everyday Earbuds
  • Everyday Earbuds Pro
  • Fitness Earbuds
  • Impact Earbuds
Color: Blue

USD $19.99

How To Install:

1. Swap gel tips with memory foam tips - press until you hear a reassuring “click.”

2. Pinch to compress the foam, insert, and keep pressure on earbud for foam expansion, ensuring an ideal fit.

3. When removing, firmly pinch and peel the memory foam tip off to one side.



Elevate your comfort with our Premium Memory Foam Tips. Crafted with precision, these tips conform to the contours of your ears, providing a more luxurious listening experience. 



Enjoy the flexibility of our Memory Foam Tips, universally compatible with nearly all Raycon Earbud models. Upgrade your audio among a variety of devices, ensuring a customized and snug fit for extended comfort.



We designed the memory foam tips to diminish external noise and enhance your auditory focus. They form a seamless seal in your ears, effectively isolating you from unwanted distractions.


 How do I install the memory foam Tips? 

To install the memory foam tips to your Raycon Earbuds, please follow the instructions below: 

A. Swap out the default eartips on your Raycon Earbuds with the Memory Foam tips.

B: Ensure a secure fit by aligning the tip and pressing down until you hear a reassuring “click.”

C: Pinch the sides to compress the foam, insert into your ear, and maintain pressure until fully expanded. This step is critical for the memory foam to conform perfectly to your ear shape.

D: When it's time to remove, firmly pinch the memory foam tip and peel it off to one side.

What is the difference between silicone gel tips and memory foam tips?  

The memory foam tips offer enhanced comfort and noise isolation, ideal for travel or noisy environments, while the silicone gel tips provide a traditional fit suitable for everyday use and extended listening sessions.

How do I clean the memory foam tips? 

Regular cleaning enhances the performance of the memory foam tips. To clean, simply wipe them with plain water using a damp washcloth and let them air dry before the next use. Avoid using soap, detergent, or alcohol-based cleaners, and it is not recommended to handle the tips immediately after applying lotions or hand sanitizer as they may break down the foam. 

What is your Return Policy? 

All Raycon products purchased on our website are covered by our 30-day Satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your product, you can return it within 30-days for a full-refund or exchange. All Raycon products are  also covered by our 1-Year limited warranty. You can read more about our return and warranty policies here.

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