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The Magic Power Bank 5-in-1

Never run out of power when traveling ever again. With 5 convenient charging options, 10,000mAh of battery, 15w Magnetic wireless charging, 2 built-in cables, and 2 ports, Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 keeps you fueled.

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Color: Black

USD $79.99


Travel everywhere, charge everything


15w magnetic wireless charging


Fuel all your devices at once

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Charge Everything


Never forget your charging cables ever again. With 5-in-1 charging abilities, we’ve thought of any and all charging situations for on-the-go. No more messy and tangled cables- only clean, convenient charging.

*Wireless charging technology only works with phone cases up to 5mm thick

 Block of Power


Traveling, worry-free just got a whole lot easier. With the Magic Power Bank 5-in-1, your devices will always have somewhere to charge. Stay powered up on the go without juggling multiple chargers or cables.

Upright and Right


 Nicely placed on the edge of the power bank, is a phone clip that holds your phone upright so you can easily view your mobile content when traveling. No more neck strains looking straight down at your phone. So talk about convenience - we’ve thought about it all!


What charging options does the Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 provide?

The Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 offers versatile charging with 2 built-in cables (Micro-USB and USB-C), 15W MagSafe wireless charging, and 2 extra ports for simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

How does the 15W Magnetic wireless charging feature work, and which devices is it compatible with?

The Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 is compatible with the Qi standard, so it can charge any Qi-compatible device. However, only the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 13, 13 Pro, 14, and 14 Pro have the magnets necessary for the Magnetic charger to snap on to the back of the phone.

How many devices can I charge simultaneously with the Magic Power Bank 5-in-1?

You can charge five devices simultaneously with the Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 — two through the extra ports, one wirelessly through MagSafe and two through the built-in cable.

How much power does the Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 hold, and what can it charge?

The Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 boasts a substantial 10,000mAh battery, providing enough power to fully charge your iPhone multiple times, your Earbuds countless times, and still have juice left for other devices.

If I order the Magic Power Bank 5-in-1, what does the package include?

When you order the Magic Power Bank 5-in-1, the package includes one Quick Start Guide and one Magic Power Bank Stand. 

Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 that comes with an US standard plug. Customers outside of US will require an additional adapter.

Can the Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 charge a laptop?

The Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 is designed primarily for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and accessories. While it may not provide sufficient power for charging laptops, it can serve as an emergency backup to help maintain your laptop's current battery level in critical situations. It's an ideal solution for keeping your essential devices powered when you're on the move.

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