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Amazing Sound Quality

Tuned to deliver great audio across all genres, the Everyday Earbuds lets you enjoy your music - no wires required.

Charging Capsule

Fully charge your earbuds 4 times on the go with a convenient and well-designed charging capsule.

A Perfect Size For Every Ear

Every ear is different (obviously) so we decided to make 6 differently sized gel tips designed to fit any size.

Product Highlight

Hear the world around you with Awareness mode.

3 Sound Profiles for an personalized listening experience.

IPX6 Water and Splash resistance.

Vivid Voice Technology for crystal clear phone calls.

Wireless charging case to keep your buds power topped up anywhere you go.

32 Hours of Stand-By battery, 8 hours of continuous use.

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In The Press

"High demand, high quality, but affordable"

"Ray J has transformed himself into a tech entrepreneur"

"The sound is amazing"

"The next big thing"

We Care About the Smallest Detail

We spent two years developing The Everyday Earbuds because every little detail matters. And partly because we’re a bit insane.

The final result? A crisp sounding earbud that’s a pleasure to wear, easy to use, loud enough to drown out your neighbor’s lawnmower, and a battery that stays charged longer. We hope you love it as much as we do.

No Risk, All Reward

45-Day Test Drive

Try it out. Listen to all the music you can. If you're not happy, just send it back. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If anything happens to your earbuds, we'll replace it - no questions asked. 

Free Shipping

If you order within the USA, we will cover the shipping costs. 

The Everyday Earbuds

Save 15%
Use code COBY15

Old Price $79.99 USD
Limited Time offer $67.99 USD

8 Hours Battery Life

32 Hours of Battery life With Charging Case

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The Fitness Earbuds

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9 Hours Battery Life

54 Hours of Battery life With Charging Case

Wireless Charging Enabled


Easy-to-grab lanyard 

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