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Culture at Raycon

Our Values

We’re a group of go-getters. While we always aim high in anything we do, we’re not afraid of rolling up our sleeves. We take joy in having our work go directly to the millions of our customers and also remember to have fun along the way!

These three pillars guide our team and brand at Raycon:

- Think Big: We dream big, set the highest standards, and work hard to transform our ambitions into realities

- Go with the Customer: We’re obsessed with making our customers happy so in times of doubt, always follow the customer

- Move fast: We believe in executing with agility


Raycon is committed to fostering an inclusive community. We’re united in our mission to celebrate diversity through our brand and it starts at the executive level. We’re committed to ensuring a range of perspectives are represented at all levels and across all departments.

Our team is well-represented and diverse across age, ethnicities, and region:

- 57% male and 43% female

- 13 countries represented and 8 languages spoken across team members

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