Raycon True Wireless Earphones RBE750



It seems like every company claims they design life-changing technology but you’ve used the same brand of headphones for years – why change it now? Find out why so many audio lovers are upgrading to Raycon.

1. Their tech transcends industry standards.

Seriously. It’s a proprietary mix of micro-coils, IPX-5 water-resistant grading, and the latest Bluetooth chipset 5.0. They were hand tested and refined by professional engineers, celebrated music artists, and people who’ve never even used wireless earbuds before. This unique process is one of the main reasons you won’t find true wireless earbuds like theirs anywhere else.

2. Their design is smarter.

Raycon’s innovative design has finally solved the problems we’ve been dealing with for years. The earbuds stay-put and don’t fall out. Their super-soft, silicone fiber gel tips hold the earbud steady and won’t allow shifting during movement. You’ll notice the difference right away.

3. No Risk: 30 day free returns.

Every ear is different, so the only way to get the right fit is to try it on. If for any reason you don’t love your first pair, their 30-day Guarantee promises a full refund or exchange. These guys put their money where their mouth is.

4. The experts are impressed.

We don’t usually promote name dropping, but when it comes to TechCrunch, People, CNN, and Fox Business – we’ll make an exception. Forbes dubbed Raycon offerings, "The stylish new celeb-powered collection" and Billboard magazine has claimed they "address everyday needs with innovative technology". It’s one thing to make the news for new technology, but it’s another thing to make the news for ditching wires.

5. Workout friendly tech.

Let’s face it, wires in the gym are a hassle. These earbuds are constructed with water-resistant sealing located where you need them the most – right in the ear. Their advanced coating made from high-resistant materials prevents moisture and dust from interfering with the earbud. With the gel tip stabilizers these earbuds will stay put, always.   

6. They’re half the price of Apple Airpods

It seems that great true wireless products are only promoted to those willing to spend top dollar, but this earbud is different.  Most “premium” devices jack up the price simply because they can but these earbuds are only $80! Better materials for a lower price is hard to find.

7. You’re reading about earbuds.

If you made it to #7, you need new earbuds. You might be fine with what you’re listening on, but you could be more comfortable in Raycon. Still think “it’s just earbuds” … see number #3.

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